Vienovo Philippines Inc. is a fast-growing Animal Feeds Manufacturer company that delivers nationwide. We focus on high-value animal feeds ranging from complete feeds to premixes.

Strong Brand Value &
Trusted Services

VIENOVO comes from its monumental know-how through our dedicated team. Our founding team, with more than one hundred years (100 years) of combined experience in agriculture, is of high-caliber specialists dedicated in our commitment to provide the Philippine livestock and aquaculture industries the scientific advances in animal nutrition and health that has never been done before.

In-depth Knowledge
& Sensitivity

Our Nutritionists, Veterinarians, Biochemists and Zootechnicians furnishing the farms with custom-solutions with our scientific expertise and technological advances.

Quality and Efficiency

The company’s strategy will be focused on farmers’ feed requirement and the team of experts will look for practical, technically sophisticated and cost-effective solutions to design, manufacture and deliver products adapted to the context and strategy of each individual farm.

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