We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Feed

“The strong brand value and trusted services of VIENOVO comes from its monumental know-how through our dedicated team.”

Vienovo is a fast-growing Feeds Manufacturer company that delivers nationwide. We focus on high-value animal feeds ranging from complete feeds to premixes.

Our Mission and Vision

Vienovo aims to provide scientific expertise and technological advances.

Ultimately, improving the way we feed mankind.

Our Key to Success

Using European formulation as our in-house technology constantly evolves and improves innovation to the Philippines and in Asia.


We provide custom solutions based on your farm’s needs. This includes specialized formulation and optimization for your animal’s nutrition.


We ensure that all products are strictly tested, and all have nutritional balance and high stability. 


We have experts and Farm Technicians ready to help you check, improve, and optimize your farming business.


What works well for you? Our team of experts will help you optimize technical performance and minimize production costs.

The Vienovo Team is a tight-knit pool of innovative, proactive and passionate professionals who excel in their fields

Committed to Excellence

We demand more of ourselves than our clients do. We will persistently create better ways of doing the things we do.


Vienovo is built on innovation; from our innovative products to our culture of making ideas tangible.

Aim to Make a Difference

We aim to make a difference to our customers and the lives that we touch through our products.


To perform consistently on a higher level.

Our major stakeholders are European experts with in-depth knowledge and sensitivity to animal nutrition, perceived the lack of niche in High-Valued Animal Feeds product segment available for the Filipino farmer. In partnership with reputable Filipino household agriculture names as Nico Bolzico and Quiet Thunder Ventures Inc., there is a huge opportunity to offer specialized, highly-advanced, focused product lines with added concierge service in the Philippine Agriculture Industry.

Nico Bolzico provides access to his Argentinian partners who are leaders in the development of efficient and quality Agricultural technology. Nico also heads LM10, which has been operating in the Philippines since 2012 and have immersed in the Philippine culture committing to improve the Agriculture Technology, Waste Management and Treatment, Post Harvest Facilities and Rendering Plants. Nico is also involved in improving Livestock Genetics through embryo transfer and production of local animal proteins.

Quiet Thunder Ventures Inc. headed by Joel Marcelo G. Jimenez, also the Director of GMA Network, Malayan Savings Bank, Nuvoland Philippines, amongst many others, has been active in livestock, agro and aquaculture.

TRISKALLIANCE brings from EUROPE its monumental animal nutrition and health know-how through formulation technology, feed manufacturing technology and Innovation with its committed high-caliber Experts and Specialists.

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